this is probably one of the worst headaches ever

last night, i slept with a bad headache.

today, i woke up with a bad headache.

i spent the whole day with a really terrible on again/off again headache.

and to top it all, i have an incredibly long list of things to do for the weekend, for next week, and probably for the rest of my life (LOL)

the thing is, i always pride myself for being “healthy”(no, i don’t have a flat stomach and fit body but i’m proud to say that i’ve never ever been admitted to a hospital)

so you see how this persistent headache really bothered me the whole day.

the heat is not even helping. (curse you, acad shift)

so this afternoon as i enter my media&law class, i was kinda glad that everyone looks as terrible as i am. some people around me are slouched in their seats. some have their eyes closed. some are half-sleeping/half-reading (in fear of getting called in the class). our professor noticed our coma-like, malapit-na-mamatay-ang-mga-batang-ito state so he eased up the class a little bit by trying to wake us up from time to time with his corny jokes and fun stories. at one point he even flashed this “encourage-mint” for us:


and then the class ended. i have to rush my way to AS for  an interview with one of my old professors. it started to rain really hard and my headache is trying to get the best of me again. i waited and i waited and i waited and he didn’t show up. it was disappointing really cause i really needed the interview to be done today. but there’s nothing i can do about it, i’m only asking a favor from a professors. disappointed, i went back to cmc. i was surprised to see a free buffet set-up for students, faculty and staff (yey for free food!!!) (Mini food review: the avocado cake was surprisingly good) i took a few bites and walked back to the my dorm with a friend.

the rain stopped. and the humidity was messing with my head. when i reached my dorm room,  i was sweating and my head was throbbing so i lay down in my bed.

what i did next was so weird. i texted my best friend. told her my dream last night about her and a female lover she had. we laughed about it. i asked her how her relationship with her boyfriend is doing. she told me they’ve been together for almost 5 years. (p.s. i’m terrible friend i don’t know when their anniversary is.) and then she jokingly asked me to be her maid of honor. after exchanging a few texts, she stopped answering, i’m guessing she went back to her accountancy books and all that. and somehow, my headache eased a little.

i stared at my to-do list on my phone. thinking about what to do with the interview with my prof, how to finish another interview for another class, and complete the rest of my survey respondents.  i stared and i stared and i told myself “fuck, it i’m sleeping.”

so i ate an early dinner, took my medicine, and went to sleep.

i woke up a few hours later. and i saw text from my prof saying sorry and asking for the interview to be moved on monday. i was so thrilled and thankful at the same time (because honestly, i was starting to get hopeless).

that’s when i realized that sometimes you just really have to sleep on it. maybe the headache was my body’s way of telling me to slow down and take a rest. or maybe it’s my mind’s way of telling me to stop thinking of acads all the time and start reconnecting with people from time to time.




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